ITCHING ON A PHOTOGRAPH, feeling pretty good right now

Editing Images

Plated Image

Plated Image


Some one has to say it.

Some  one has to say it..




A solution.. A short time ago, I informed those of you who read my posts, that I was moving things to blogger because google has become such a factor in my social efforts..

Now why I didn’t think of this before is a clear sign that maybe I am just a little bit pre-occupied with other tasks, but here is what I am going to do Because it’s just that easy.

If you are interested you can follow the link to my latest thoughts here.


Thanks for being patient while I figure this all out.





Only once in a while

To all of you who have followed me here… Although I will continue to post here on occasion, I have moved over to blogger, simply because everything ties together with my activities on google. Some of you may not continue to follow and I understand. The reasons for this switch is in part due to the social media outlines, and lets face it, the reason we all do this in hopes that we get noticed or we hope to make an impact with our blogs.. Yes my blog has a lot of follows, but as far as people actually reading, well I am finding that this is not the case. However, Photography being my main reason for having a blog, I have found that as far as impact and people actually reading , blogger has been the ticket for me.. If those of you who read this are still interested in hearing my take on things, and want to know what I am working on, you can follow me on Google Plus at Michael Sargent or see my Blog at , .

Thanks for all the support, and I hope to see many of you on the new site.





Yeah about That

Today is one of those days that maybe I shouldn’t post. However I say throw caution to the wind.
Yesterday with plans foiled by crazy winds, I finished up some editing. These images are what I was working on. First the Lighthouse done as an HDR. The whole HDR thing is a love it or hate it genre of pictures. They are always subject to interpretation, and for all the likes and comments you get on them, there is always that select few that simply don’t like the composition or the way or parts of the way it was processed. In short it always come down to, either you love it or you hate it. Enough on the topic.
The Shot:

Lighthouse long exposure in HDR.

Lighthouse long exposure in HDR.

My next shot for this post is of a small creek bed with water falls in the background. I shot this one a while ago, during an exploration walk of a nearby nature trail. I took the series of shots more for an exploration of custom camera settings rather than image quality or composition. However the photo itself turned out ok from my perspective and felt them to be post worthy.

Waterfall in the Fall

Waterfall in the Fall

While shooting the image, I stepped right into the creek bed, and slowed the exposure down and shot with a f-stop of 10. With wet feet at this point, My hope was to be able to capture some leaves going over the falls to create an off color variation in the water. That happened but the color I was seeking was not to be on that day.

Up next on the agenda, A shoot of another water falls and some client shots, a trip and shoot of my hometown for an upcoming project, Not to mention a trip to a local sporting goods store for some basketball shoes… Hey a dad has to do what a dad has to do.