Last post, I mentioned that I was going to do a little talking about a project in the works. Well a slight change of plans… Where to begin. Lets just summarize. With an opportunity on the table, and considering ethics and morals, one could be considered a terrible person if they forego what they believe in and  trade those beliefs for a quick out. The problem however lies in the reality that some people cannot keep the tasks at hand in focus, nor can they finish what they start. Then if they do finish something, the failure of following up is huge disappointment. Look, I will say that from my perspective, having some success is a great feeling, but when you work so hard and the others involved in the projects don’t seem to share your drive, it’s disappointing. Saying that you don’t do cold calls, or expect people to contact you instead of taking some initiative to aspire to a goal is setting things up for failure. Knowing this now, is kind of a good thing, because I can use the time to do something more productive instead of wasting the time with stupid ideas, that produce little results. For proof, I offer this 3.7 million reached vs. 355 views and out of the 355, about 85 percent were generated by my activity. I know My opening is kind of “what the hell is he talking about”, but trust me the point I am making, to achieve a goal you must step outside of your comfort zone sometimes. If you are unwilling, than you will never know, what you could have done. You cant expect everyone else to step outside a comfort zone, if you are not willing to do the same. With my rant being over and related to my photo for this week. Here is the similarities. Bonds. Think about what a bond is. and please don’t confuse it with bound. People often mistake these two words and from this perspective a bond is a connection. An understanding of trust and mutual caring. Bonds are rare and even more rare when we are talking about Human and Beast. I feel very privileged to have captured and even more privileged to be able to share this with you, the reader.

My Photo for the week.

The Bond

The Bond

Shot with the Canon 7d camera and the Tamron 18 to 270 lens, I employed the aperture of f-8 and an iso of 400. Partial metering was used and a single focal point focused on the kiss itself provided a very good depth of field once the shutter set at 1/500 was pressed.

Post processing. I used Adobe Lightroom to put a warm glow in the white balance, and proceeded to adjust the exposure and contrast and reduce a few high lights caused by the overhead sun. I then used a developed MSP script, to give the image an HDR appearance. Thus creating my final composition. I know not everyone will like this because of the HDR appearance, but from my view, this is how HDR should look.

As stated in the last post these were taken while on a video shoot for an entirely different project. My guess is when this video project is done, if it ever gets done and I get to view it. The results of this will be much like the same as many of the past projects. Yeah it will be seen, but it will be seen without me promoting it, and it will be another disappointment in a long list of many. The Question is why?

The image here has already been seen by thousands, on facebook, twitter, and google. The reviews and comments are inspiring and I want to give a big thanks and hugs to those who have left me with so much positive feedback…. I offer a fist bump, handshake, or a kind thank you for this and I will use this experience as future inspiration.

Thank you,


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