In my last post I talked about the lighter side. A balance between the seriousness of what I do and how I light heartedly prepare myself for the task at hand.

I take my customers needs very seriously, and commit myself to doing the very best work I am capable of to meet the needs.

Glowing Bride

Glowing Bride

SHOOT IT!!!!!!!!!



On the Lighter Side

What a busy weekend. Friday was spent working on an art project. unfortunately I can’t post the photos yet, as they may be used for commercial purposes. Saturday of course a wedding day and anyone who is worth their salt knows just how much work the wedding the edits and so on can be, So I am not going to say too much regarding that.
I will however share this. As I get older, I realize that some days I need that little bump to get me over the hill.
Yes, yesterday was a Red Bull Day, and I don’t really know if it gave me wings, but after having one, let’s just say, The dishes are done!




I don’t always shoot weddings, But when I do I prefer to get jacked on RED BULL.

Keep Shooting my Friends!!!


A Title A Title , My Kingdom for a Title

Being profanely busy as usual, my old enemy time has proven itself to be a worthy foe. Not to worry though I have the ultimate weapon to combat my old adversary, and I call this weapon “FRIENDS”. Yes, I get by with a little help from my friends. Having obligations and priorities, I continue to scratch lines on the to do list and that is progression. Maybe not at the speed I would like, but it is progression none the less.
Here is my dilemma, My focus is on completing objectives and I have a task for the readers of this blog, as well as my other social media outlets to take participation in. Last night, I photographed a wedding. One shot has stood out in my eyes, and normally I would title an image that stands out. Although rare by most accounts I find myself at a loss for words, and the simple inability to come up with a title for this photograph. You readers are being asked to offer your suggestions. So here is the photo,



and you can submit your suggestion’s to either my email, , or you can post a comment here on this blog. Also suggestions will be taken on face book as well as twitter @msargentphoto . By the way,,, follow me on twitter. Thx!!!

For interested parties, here is the settings I used, The rules of light were broken as I shot into the sun, and employing a center weighted metering mode, I captured this using an ISO of 640  and a shutter speed of 1/100 of a sec @ f 5.6 . My focal range was 77 mm and as always I used a Canon camera and Tamron lens combination. I converted this to B&W using Adobe Lightroom and made a few adjustments in exposure and contrast.

I look forward to seeing some titles and as always thank you for reading.

Shoot It!!!!!!


Mother Nature telling me NOOO!!!

With my trigger finger itching to get back to work on Raptor Strike, I slowly came to realize  that Mother Nature was trying to tell me something. With rain and wind, and an aversion to taking some expensive photo equipment out in these conditions, I opted to holdout for better lighting, and some better weather, and felt in the end this will result in a better outcome for the Raptor Strike Project.

So this poses the question, what to do?

I will simply show you,,, Revisiting some favorite Wedding shots.









As new things develop in photography, including editing techniques, I do my best to continue to stay on top of techniques, as well as develop my own….

When it rains, I pour it on.



Photographing in a Winter Wonderland

One great aspect of winter is the unique opportunities that we are offered as photographers during these cold months ahead. Snow and grey light are often overlooked by many and I can’t stress enough the point of just getting your carcass out there and snapping shots during the winter months. I like most, have a disliking for the cold weather but the draw of winter landscapes is enough to get me out in the field, just to see what I can capture.

So let me lay this out for you. Todays weather, 24 degrees, winds between 8 and 10 mph. Heavy snow fall at times, with grey skies. To most this sounds like a great day to just stay in. To me It sounds like a great day to snap some shots.

My first image was composed to show you just how much snow was falling, and if this horse had the ability to speak, I am sure he would confirm my assessment of todays conditions.



Both Images were captured using  a 7D camera. ISO 200 with an aperture of F-11 and a shutter speed of 1/45 of a sec. I also used the camera’s partial metering mode to  ensure an even lighting pattern across the composition.

Let me in

Let me in

With the conditions exposed, I continued along on my morning ride and came across this creek. I decided to play with some HDR pictures while photographing this scene.

Settings F-8, at ISO 400, 1/90th exposure time, metered with partial. Blended with photomatix and final edits done in Lightroom.

Creek Bed in HDR

Creek Bed in HDR

HDR  Creeekbed

HDR Creek bed

Standard Resolution

Standard Resolution

One last shot for the post. This image just offered some simplicity. As the snow flew, I looked at this scene, and thought it was a just a nice shot. I also shot this as a HDR, and my hopes in doing so, was to put an emphasis on the falling snow.



So was the goal achieved?

Until next post, my best to you all.

Happy New Year!


Gets it to a TEEE

I have always tried to inspire passion in photography, and often times do fairly well at this. With upswing and downfalls you learn to take the good with the bad. Up until a year ago I always worked alone, but have always been willing to help anyone who aspires for better in their compositions. My oldest friend Jim and I began working together a year ago, and one of the greatest joys of this has been watching him mature and understand how much photography has meant to me and now us. Jim shares my passions, and he simply steps behind the lens and nails compositions.He also has a great deal of experience when it comes to the tech side of our world, and he is the guy that has put MSP on the web as well as made the suggestion to do this blog. I have said it many times how 2012 has been a great year and JIm’s involvement with MSP has been a huge part of this greatness.

I want to share with you some words composed by Jim that simply summarizes the drive and how we feel as shooters of light. Just like his compositions, his words nail the feelings and driving force behind what we do.

Thanks Jim, for everything. I am lucky to have you as a friend and a partner. Here is Jim’s post, I hope it touches you as it did me.

Like almost all people that have reached adulthood, I found myself rushing from one point to another. We label those points A and B, and with great impatience we leave A and scurry toward B wishing there was not all that crap to deal with in-between. We get to B only long enough to return to A like suddenly A is of greater value than B ever could be to our continued existence.

Photography has changed my point system. I now travel from A to D. I have found, much to my delight, that between the two points of A and D there is a place I should just B for a while, and even more incredible there is places to C as well !

That is not the most profound thing I have realized. I have also found that if while B-ing somewhere and C-ing things I use my time to take a picture, when I share it with other people, they take a few seconds pause from their race to admire the moment I have captured for them. If I am extremely lucky they will give me even more of their time to leave a comment before moving on. I cherish each and every one of those messages. They represent everything I am trying to accomplish while stopping at points B and C. I worry that many of you will start to take less and less time really looking into my pictures, and brush past them in haste. As that happens the effort I put into each shot will bring less and less joy to you, my observer, and by proxy bring less joy to me as well.

But all will not be lost. Remember that as you look at each snapshot in time I capture, I was actually there to experience it. My camera has made television useless in our house, we have found we no longer need the distraction. Did I mention that my wife and best friend Barb has discovered B-ing and C-ing as well? We are spending incredible time just sitting in the grass, watching everything around us with the eyes of a child. Many things we are C-ing for the first time, even though they have always been right in front of us.

DID HE NAIL IT OR WHAT?????? Spine Chills!