About msargentphotography

Not much I can say about myself, But if I had to sell myself, I guess I would tell you that photography is my outlet. No matter how bad of a day I have had, Photography allows me to refocus and develop a different perspective. Some say I am nuts about this little hobby of mine, and after some reflection, I guess they are right. When I think about it, I suppose you could say, that spending a night in 5 degree weather, in the middle of a field, with nothing more than a tent, a sleeping bag, and some camera equipment is nuts. Or worse yet, taking a swim in swampy,stinky water, just to sneak up on a frog or bird, and exiting the water with leaches attached to your skin. All this for a chance at a photo, Ok I will admit it.. I am nuts. However, in my defense. I am a photographer. The way I see the world is very different and sometimes seeing and doing things different leads me down a path that requires actions that would seem foolish to the common way of thinking. I love every minute of it and would not trade it for the world. Shoot2Thrill Mike