A Series of Chain Reactions. Tech rep

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3 thoughts on “A Series of Chain Reactions. Tech rep

  1. The reason why companies like Adobe offshore tech help and customer service jobs is so that providing such services is more cost effective for the corp. How is that working for them when they’re not providing the bloody service?

    Yes, they ought to be paying you for what the bloke in India or service manager couldn’t do. It would inarguably be money well spent!

    • My friend, I think that companies loose touch with their market base, and the policies they develop regarding is a huge problem for consumers. I know how livid I was when I was speaking to the support crew, and I am for the most part a laid back guy. However when I get upset as in this case, it does lead to a very ugly attitude on my part. I can tell you if that rep was in front of me I certainly would have smacked that jerk around a little. Then I would have felt bad for doing so. Things should not go to that level though with a support system and is clearly an indicator that there is a problem.

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