Some one has to say it.

Some  one has to say it..



4 thoughts on “Some one has to say it.

    • My dear, I use both. Yes I am a hunter and the skills I have developed while doing so has made me that much better in the field with a camera. Now I do realize that so many don’t understand hunting and such, but I would rather have the table fair than watch a deer starve to death. Done both and photographing a deer as it starves from lack of food is one of the most tragic things I have ever documented. Hunting may seem cruel to some but I think it’s a lot crueler to let them overpopulate and starve.

      • I understand. There needs to be balance in all things. I just hate the “sport” that does not value the life. And though I am not one to go against all hunting, I will not be hauling out a shotgun any time soon. 🙂 Not my cup of tea. I have a hard time killing spiders!

      • I love the way you put that. Balance in all things. I am also in agreement with you regarding the term sport. Since the onset of filmed hunting shows and how it is displayed on tv, it appears it’s nothing more than a blood hunt, and that’s why I don’t watch that garbage nor do I idolize these so called celebrities whom truth be told take there game in fenced in game preserves and have the nerve to call themselves “Hunters”. Oh I’m sure a few of them have the skills, but it is like you said, they often times appear to simply be out there for the rack of a buck vs. putting meat on the table for the family.. I think that is missed and the conception of sport is what has given hunting a bad name…

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