Only once in a while

To all of you who have followed me here… Although I will continue to post here on occasion, I have moved over to blogger, simply because everything ties together with my activities on google. Some of you may not continue to follow and I understand. The reasons for this switch is in part due to the social media outlines, and lets face it, the reason we all do this in hopes that we get noticed or we hope to make an impact with our blogs.. Yes my blog has a lot of follows, but as far as people actually reading, well I am finding that this is not the case. However, Photography being my main reason for having a blog, I have found that as far as impact and people actually reading , blogger has been the ticket for me.. If those of you who read this are still interested in hearing my take on things, and want to know what I am working on, you can follow me on Google Plus at Michael Sargent or see my Blog at , .

Thanks for all the support, and I hope to see many of you on the new site.





2 thoughts on “Only once in a while

  1. Okay Mike, I just checked out your Blogspot. WordPress is very nice, yes but you have to use whatever works for you.

    I’ll pop in and out of there once in a while to see what going on but I’ll keep on following here to see if you’ve posted anything new.

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