Special Places.We all have them.

You know that feeling you get, when you have a number of things on your mind that seem to simply consume your thoughts? You know what I’m talking about, thoughts so deep that your entire focus shifts to all these pressing matters and keeps you from completing more important tasks. We all have experienced it, and we all deal with matters in different ways. When these things happens, sometimes and to coin the old phrase, Go to Your Happy Place, is all that is required to bring back some clarity. If nothing else if you allow yourself to take in the scene, it just may leave you with a better outlook. I think everyone has a happy place and this location and image, I could clearly see as being on of these places.



In closing, I understand we live in a world full of problems. Do we create these problems, or are we subject to an environment created by the world we live in?

Either way, Have a happy place.






4 thoughts on “Special Places.We all have them.

  1. I have a street photography presentation to give in a few days time, and the seven prints that I will have on display are going to be delayed.

    I’ve gotta go to my happy place!

    • I completely understand this. Over time I adapt the outlook of expect the worse and hope for the best.
      I also have come to realization that relying on others to complete tasks may be a bad call.. Some things just never get done unless you do them yourself.

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