Construction. Seemingly on your own

Going over some images, it seemingly started the wheels spinning. My blog is generally all about images and maybe some thoughts every now and again, but recent events have led to some turmoil and that has left me a little uninspired.
Here is a photo that is kind of significant of my mind-set at this time.

Building a Home

Building a Home

This Osprey has flown many miles to create his home, and his hard work is appreciated by his own virtue. Far too often, circumstances that are beyond his control interfere with his very natural instinct to provide for himself and his potential mate. Although these things are out of his control, he will still endure the trials of nature to do what his instincts tell him. How this compares to human beings. We talk and communicate. Although some do it better, we still have feelings, and we are supposed to be civilized, and we are supposed to be compassionate. When disagreements occur, it’s never a good thing, but we are supposed to work together to a resolution. Supposed to. That is the key words.  Unlike nature, we so-called civilized human beings have a choice in life and our choices have repercussions. unfortunately, some people just don’t care about how others may feel or the repercussions of actions. This in turn leads to a whole new road of problems. We often times can see the realities of nature and just how cruel it can be. In nature however, the balance always exists unlike in the world of the human animal.

Osprey I envy your world.



Gonna leave you with a simple goodbye.



4 thoughts on “Construction. Seemingly on your own

  1. I have often felt that human beings do not fit into the nature of things here on this planet – we should have learned from Nature, but our selfishness and arrogance seem to get in the way of most.

    • GPCOX,, you are probably correct in your statement… People are selfish and arrogant, and I will not exclude myself from that pool. Although I have tried to be a compassionate person and not simply all about myself, I cant help but realize that the actions of others have impacted my life and this is a vice versa thing. Simply put, disagreements that are not worked out, with one party just doing what they want and assuming that it will all blow over is taking one for granted. This is what sucks about people… I guess you can say I am disgusted.

      • I don’t know the exact nature of your dispute, so I can not comment on that. But, I will say – take a deep breath and keep your own self-respect (and blood pressure down). I hate to see an obviously nice guy so upset over an obvious fool.

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