A Title A Title , My Kingdom for a Title

Being profanely busy as usual, my old enemy time has proven itself to be a worthy foe. Not to worry though I have the ultimate weapon to combat my old adversary, and I call this weapon “FRIENDS”. Yes, I get by with a little help from my friends. Having obligations and priorities, I continue to scratch lines on the to do list and that is progression. Maybe not at the speed I would like, but it is progression none the less.
Here is my dilemma, My focus is on completing objectives and I have a task for the readers of this blog, as well as my other social media outlets to take participation in. Last night, I photographed a wedding. One shot has stood out in my eyes, and normally I would title an image that stands out. Although rare by most accounts I find myself at a loss for words, and the simple inability to come up with a title for this photograph. You readers are being asked to offer your suggestions. So here is the photo,



and you can submit your suggestion’s to either my email, mike@mrsargent.com , or you can post a comment here on this blog. Also suggestions will be taken on face book as well as twitter @msargentphoto . By the way,,, follow me on twitter. Thx!!!

For interested parties, here is the settings I used, The rules of light were broken as I shot into the sun, and employing a center weighted metering mode, I captured this using an ISO of 640  and a shutter speed of 1/100 of a sec @ f 5.6 . My focal range was 77 mm and as always I used a Canon camera and Tamron lens combination. I converted this to B&W using Adobe Lightroom and made a few adjustments in exposure and contrast.

I look forward to seeing some titles and as always thank you for reading.

Shoot It!!!!!!



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