Monster Movie or Simply Lunch Time

As of late, I am on a bit of an insect/macro kick for no other reason than it is fun. I also have taken note that since my first bee shot several weeks ago, that several friends has followed suit and are sharing my interest. One word Cool? I think that’s the word I want to use here.
Anyway, today I am going to follow-up with what some would consider to be the stuff that monster movies are made of. In my eyes however it is simply lunch time.
Poking around in the gardens, I came across this Grasshopper. Being slightly larger and a still subject I decided to snap a few shots. Using a very old Canon 35 to 80 mm lens with 1.5 feet macro capabilities I began to snap a few images. Unsure at this point of how this lens would perform I took a look at the image on the LCD and was slightly surprised that this 25-year-old lens performed this well. I recall the day I obtained this lens as it was part of film camera purchase I made shortly after I wed. I can tell you that the lens outlasted the camera, and through my obsessive nature, I kept the lens in storage until recently, when I threw it in my camera bag, just in case the opportunity arose to play around with some macro shots.
On to the images,

This looks tasty

This looks tasty

As the grasshopper began to feast, I moved in for that close up shot and took one photo, that I hoped would provide some detail in the final image after editing.

Yes, this old lens still had it. Glad I kept it around.

Munching on the Forage

Munching on the Forage

For those that are interested, here are a few of my settings on these images. A Canon 7d set at ISO 400, with partial metering employed as well as a single focus point. The lens as stated was an old canon 35 to 80 mm lens with macro. An aperture of f-4 was able to obtain a shutter speed of 1/400 given the lighting available at the time of capture. Focal distance was roughly 2 feet away, and I had the lens zoomed in at 80mm. Using lightroom to make a few adjustments in saturation and contrast, this was the results of what I call an experiment using an old lens. I guess you can say that my experiment worked.

Thanks for having a look at today’s post, and I wish you all the best.

Shoot It.




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