Insects. The world we often overlook

I have come to a very real realization that time is precious. Well lets just say that I have always known this, and often times have considered time an enemy. Feeling that way is simply because it seems I never have enough of it. It is something that I have come to embrace over they years and instead of feeling frustrated because of the lack of it, I have shifted gears and now kind of view time as precious, and the best course and mindset is to make the most of the time I have. With a growing list of things to do and rarely being able to scratch a to do off the list, I have learned that it is best to enjoy the simple things, and feel accomplished when you are able to run a line off that list.
Case in point The crew put in a long, hard, hot day of filming recently, and as we snapped images and filmed video, we all felt like we had accomplished a few things. With that feeling, I noted some insect activity around the garden earlier and decided to have a closer look.
Good call! Enter the world beneath us. The insects were buzzing crawling and flying and the shutter was also a snapping.
A spot of white on a butterfly bush caught my attention, and as I had a closer look, we stumbled across a “Golden crab spider”. I had never seen one of these before and decided to snap a few shots. One image that I liked, posted here, was taken without a macro lens. Fact is I don’t own a dedicated macro, and now I refer back to my to do list. A macro lens will be a future purchase.
The image.

Crab Spider

Crab Spider

Macro photos with out a macro lens, is cool but, the detail needed for a great shot can only be acquired with the right equipment. Lots of options here, and one in particular is a reverse lens ring. A cool and effective way to do this, but me being me, would prefer the lens itself. In summary I need to do a little research and make a choice.

Another shot I want to share is this butterfly. Talk about round and round, this insect made me work hard for this image, and I’m glad it did.

A hard shot

A hard shot

I took the liberty of some creative editing on this image to offer a different look to this often seen composition. The contrast and clarity have been boosted just to give this a different look. Some like it, some don’t. Either way I know that some of the recent close up images have inspired a few people, and they have gone out and purchased some equipment, and that is good for the economy, and the picture world.

Being kind of moron here I will say to the benefactors of my inspiration.. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Wrapping it up, I will leave the cyber world with a fond goodbye, a see you next time, and my best advice regarding photography.






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