Harleys, Surprises, Woes.

The past several months have been full of busy. As we continue to film for Shoot 2 Thrill and a variety of other activities taking place, I have not been as consistent of a blogger. In addition, I recently suffered a major computer issue that simply wiped out my system and it took quite a bit of time to just get things working again. With things seemingly back to normal, I am back in the game.

Our last filming for Shoot 2 Thrill was themed Harley’s or as I like to call them Iron Horses. Some of the shots I envisioned was to be  done in HDR and although our shooting local was not the best suited for this type of photography I think all in all thee images worked. One image from this shoot.

Iron Horse

Iron Horse

Now on to the cool stuff, Our shooting which in fact was Torquil Studios, has some pretty cool objects that are just perfect for photography, and one such spot was the lavish garden. The insects that buzz the flowers within make for some great photo opportunity, and I took advantage of them.



This shot was the favorite of the day, Using a high speed shutter I was able to capture this during a rare moment when the butterfly landed. I thought this insect would be easy to shoot but it wasn’t as easy as I had thought. They do not remain idle long and our presence did not help matters.

This last shot was done just to see if it was possible.

I personally like it because one of my daughters was part of the composition. So my bias is to be considered here.

Up close

Up close

Well as Forest Gump would say,,, ” That’s all I got to say about that”

Until next post, may you take the time to slow down and enjoy the little things.




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