Shoot 2 Thrill

Some of you reading may or may not know, that Torquil Studios and Myself do a small web production called Shoot 2 Thrill. To date we have only produced one video known as the cast but we are aggressively working other productions. On todays agenda, we are starting to put together an image that will contain some American Iron. Yes we are photographing some Harley Davidson motorcycles. In addition we are also going to be composing the photograph that I am calling The Archers Zenith. As with the cast photo the whole concept of these images simply comes into my head. Somehow I get this idea of a subject and the picture I would like to compose appears in my mind and the challenge is to produce a photograph as I see it in my head. When I present these ideas, a discussion regarding the photo generally takes place, and other ideas regarding the composition is inserted. If I can see the image in my head I know I can recreate that vision. But sometimes the ideas regarding these images just don’t form a mental image for me. I guess it can be assumed that once the image appears in my head I am pretty much intent on how I want to shoot it. Call me stubborn, but I am not really interested in doing something that has been done before, unless of course I can make it better. That is a problem in itself for the simple fact that although imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, one does like to be known for an original idea and or creating something that may be unique. In turn that gives the shooting photographer a certain bokeh in his original images. It is possible however, that I am over thinking all this, as I do have that tendency.

In summary however When we complete all these little projects of ours I will be sharing links and information to everyone who reads this blog, so they may have a look at our little hobby.

Pictures coming soon in the next post.

Thanks for having a look.




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