Haters be Hating

Just a very quick follow-up. Recently I have taken some crap for my next project regarding the archery shoot. Someone even posted on my fb wall,,, They hoped that I would take an arrow to the head or neck to teach me a lesson. They quickly removed the post before I could screen capture and show the world what kind of dink bag this guy is. Look its real simple I choose to do things because I can. People may not like everything I do, but it is my choice. Wishing me harm shows some character, and simply put. Just because some will never get off the couch and step outside the comfort zone is not my problem. If hating on me gives your life a sense of satisfaction, well who am I to deny you that brief moment of enjoyment…. I know the risks and will do what I have to do to achieve my goal. That is the difference between me and the haters… I do while they sit. I have not the time nor the dedication to involve myself into an argument with people of this nature. My summary Screw them.. It is all about the photograph. When I post my final composition, then all will be forgotten about how I captured it. Because in reality no one cares anything about the hows they just want to see the image…








9 thoughts on “Haters be Hating

  1. If people don’t take chances or risks, how can one truly experience or, in this case, capture life? People like that crack me up. “If you have haters, then you must be doing something right.”

  2. 1. I’m interested in the image.

    2. I’m also interested in the how.

    3. Sometimes you have to take risks in order to get the shot you want.

    4. I’m really glad it paid off because I want Mike to keep on making great shots like this.

    5. Nuff said.

    • Allen, the photo was shot with an I so of 800 at f4 . 1/8000 of sec spot metering pre focused in manual. It was taken as a research project for an image I am working on.and thank you for understanding the why’s. More to come regarding the final compositions. Video to follow.

  3. Well after learning how you completed this portfolio has made the final product that much interesting. That was a brave move (kids don’t try this at home). You should post more for this collections I like the sharpness of this collections.

  4. This burns my core so much, I had to begin studying Buddhism and Meditation. Really, – Cuz no-one No One, REALLY cares but for ‘the takeaway’ they get out of the final shot. I’m just glad I am not alone in seeing this. Regards- no reply needed- but always feel free. MJHacking

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