THE CAST / a Photo shoot / a Video Shoot

Having a concept in my head, I decided to bring a thought to reality. Thus The Cast was born. In planning this I knew that to achieve a final composition one of two paths would have to be chosen. I could position myself and hope that the caster would hit my focal plane during his cast and I would have the proper focus and depth of field at the exact moment to capture the image. This option left a lot to chance. Knowing exactly what I was looking for, I choose the best method to achieve the composition. First I assembled a crew, ( My Family). Which I will add performed better than a group of set managers. My kids know how important photography is to me and they performed at such a high level during this shoot I was proud that once explained to them, they carried out the tasks with little to no instruction. This is one of the big deals during a photo shoot and I am extremely proud of my children and how well they performed.

In a quick summary and with time being a factor, as always, I want to apologize for my lack of posts as of late. Here is the reason and I hope it is a good enough excuse to get me off the hook…. PUN INTENDED!

The Image.

The Cast

The Cast

And for your viewing enjoyment. The making of this Photo.




3 thoughts on “THE CAST / a Photo shoot / a Video Shoot

  1. How breath-taking and energetic! This photo is brilliant. It makes a fisher-woman like me relive all of the casts I have made during my fish trips and finally see what it looks like on the opposite end.

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