Look Up, Look Down

Working on my Photo Ark Images, and being inspired by people who are far greater than I, It is time to take a second and reflect on whats next. My future plans are to continue forward, and plan some family events, combined with snapping a few shots. More images to come very soon.

Todays shot, Reptile. Before I shot this, I studied how this creature moved and reacted to its surroundings. What came to mind was an old childhood joke still heard today, and I felt that this lizard was playing on my ambitions. Look up, Look down, Look all around, Look at my thumb. Gee, You’re dumb.

Yes Mr. Lizard, I may very well be dumb, But I nailed you.

Who’s laughing now????

Look UP!!

Look UP!!

I think both of us are having a bit of a chuckle. ENJOY!!!!

SHOOT IT!!!!!!




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