Enjoying My Time

Time! Over the years I have come to refer to time as an enemy. We never have enough time to do what we would like to do. Case in point there is always and I mean always something that needs to be done, that distracts from doing what you would like to do. But in reflection, time is also something to enjoy, especially when you have to steal a little, or put a little time aside so you can enjoy some of it.

My time is used wisely or at least I think it is. Balance is simple. Do what you have to and when you can do what you want. If that means stealing a little time for yourself, than so be it.

Here is how I spend my stolen time. These shots were taken while taking care of what I needed to. The first shot is a simple dragon-fly. Seeing him, I did the belly crawl to position myself at his level. Having to make adjustments in position, solely for the fact that I photographed this subject with a 400 mm zoom lens.. Ok so it is not the best shot in the world, but I think it is pretty damn good considering I used entirely the wrong equipment for this type of shot. I also want to point out that my critic eye was disappointed at the main point of focus. I was going for the focus on the head and eyes of the insect, but the camera seemed to prefer the wings. No worries however, next time.

Dragon Fly

Dragon Fly


Next up, a bird, nothing special, just thought this was a nice composition.

Bird on cattail

Bird on cattail

And my last image is another bird. These fast flyers are difficult to capture in air, but I was able to snap this image, as one was taking a break.

resting with nesting material

resting with nesting material

In short and summary, Take time for yourself. We all need a little for ourselves.






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