Exposing the Ring of Fire/ Up Close and Personal with The Snapper

As I begin this post, I will first address my lack of posts in recent weeks. It’s real simple. My time is consumed right now with work and the need to provide for my family. I have entered into a conservative mode of photography, and only snap photos when I feel I can capture a quality composition. The economy and the direction has dictated these events, and one thing I know for certain, I have always been a fighter, and I refuse to give up because of the failures of some very ignorant political leaders whose failures are the cause of this mess we are in. The question is asked what shall we do? I answer with ENDURE, and never give up the fight.

On to the real reason this blog exists.
While on my way to work, I noted a car in the road, and a gentleman snapping some images with a cell phone… Stopping to speak with him, for a brief moment, I suggested that he lower himself to his subjects level for a more intimate composition. He looked at me, and told me “I was CRAZY”. That was enough to put me into action. I quickly jumped out of my jeep, with camera in hand, and placed my carcass right on the ground about 2 feet from the business end of a snapping turtle. Focused and mindful of the surroundings the gentleman looked at me like I was nuts. Inching closer, I began snapping a few shots. Upon completion, I grabbed the turtle by the tail and moved him from the road to the grass to prevent him from becoming road kill. While shooting we watched a young lady just simply manuever her truck over the turtle paying no regard to us and our activity. All I am going to say, stupid ass.

One interesting point of these photos is what I like to refer to as the ring of fire located in the eyes of turtle. I find this pattern a beautiful point within this creature, as it often goes overlooked because most will not look past the danger of a snapping turtle. Once again proving a the point, there is beauty in everything we just have to take the time to find it.

In summary, the reaction to my willingness to get right there in the face of this creature was amusing to me. I have done this so many times in the past and it has become second nature. Hearing your nuts, well I can live with that, especially when the composition is what I was going for.
The shots:





SHOOT IT!!!!!!!




One thought on “Exposing the Ring of Fire/ Up Close and Personal with The Snapper

  1. if I had a nickel for everytime I’m the only one in the room on my belly with my camera…..lol great shots!!!

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