Youthful Exploration/CRAZY AS A FOX

Spring is often times considered a time of rebirth or new life. It is the same in the animal kingdom, and the past couple of weeks has offered me the opportunity to get up close and personal with a liter of red fox kits. The antics of these little rascals has provided me with several moments of amusement as I continue to watch them quickly grow. My first image was born from the curious nature of this kit as he explored the clicking of my shutter. Well aware of each other at this point, this fox decided to come within just a couple of feet of my lens, before deciding he had his sense of curiosity satisfied.

Youthful Exploration

Youthful Exploration


I also watched these kits lick and do a little chewing on a fallen branch and wondered if they do so as a form of scent communication, or if this was simply foxes being foxes.

KITS (4 of 18)

After an hour of observation, and some hard play by these critters, it was nap time. They approached the opening of the den and proceeded to return to the safety of home.

KITS (17 of 18)

Over the next couple of weeks, I will continue to spend a little time with these kits, to ensure they are progressing to adulthood. I look forward to showing you any images captured during this time.

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5 thoughts on “Youthful Exploration/CRAZY AS A FOX

  1. My wife and I are still knee-deep in moving house but a couple weeks back I too had a chance to photograph a mother with a litter of 8 kitts. I’ll have to post some of those some time but these are great shots here.

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