Raptor Strike….. Research and Observation.

With anything, hard work and dedication make it happen,and having a plan doesn’t hurt your chances of success either.

Our day began exploring nesting sites. Our first stop was to confirm a nesting site, just to see if it was active. My collective partner on this project, Steven Wilson of Steve Wilson Photography was the first to spot a raptor near this nest, and to our surprise, we in fact are 90 percent sure that this site is home to Bald eagles. Our approach was slightly blocked by some pretty deep pools of standing water so the decision was made not to proceed forward, as this was an investigative mission versus a photography shoot. I am chalking this part of the mission on the positive side of the spectrum, as we know now the nest is active.

Part two of the mission was to explore an area where we suspected a nest of osprey and once again, Steve and I were pleased with our results. On initial sighting we spotted 3 osprey flying around this nest, but the majority of our time was spent observing 2 of them.

The osprey were well of our presence and they as well as us kept our respective distances. Unwilling to disturb their natural behavior we were treated to a fantastic show as we in fact watched 3 strikes on the very large pond that seem to be their primary supply of  food. Steve was able to catch a shot of one of the osprey flying with a small fish in its talons . Being able to watch the tendencies just before the osprey made its dive to the water, was a valuable learning experience, and it was simply incredible to be witness to the entire event.  I felt the most impressive part of the experience was when the osprey broke the surface of the water. The sound of the splash, and seeing the osprey emerge from the water was a sight that will be cherished in my memory.

So taking the information learned on this adventure, we are formulating a plan to set up and improve our results when we attempt to achieve our final compositions of the actual strike, which is the ultimate goal of our project.

personally, I feel really good about this project and feel that we are solid in our action plan to achieve success. Steve’s enthusiasm is refreshing to me as I think he is just as excited about all this as I am. I understand his drive and motivation for success and I respect it. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our adventure. Steve can be found on face book, and please give his page a like, drop him a note and say hello.

Enjoy the images and never stop exploring.

Osprey M. Sargent Photography

M. Sargent Photography

Osprey with FishSteve Wilson Photography

Osprey with Fish
Steve Wilson Photography

Osprey with construction materials.Steve Wilson

Osprey with construction materials.
Steve Wilson




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