As we begin our project, a few notes…

Traveling to Binghamton on a daily basis has given me several sightings of Red tails. The problem with capturing these sighting is the mere fact that I am behind a wheel, and we all know that death comes to distracted drivers. AKA Texting, cell phone use, and even snap shooting. This is what I have gathered. These raptors seem to have a draw to the medians along interstates. On any given day I see between ten to twenty right in the middle of the thruway, and they simply seem to sit there. Poses a question, Why do they do this? I suspect because there are mice and or easy pickings for them in the search for a meal.

Sadly though, a problem with this, is the fact that this week I have seen five of these birds on the side of the road, Killed by traffic. I suppose this could be considered as an unfortunate incident, but with any wildlife that hovers around man-made structures, this is bound to happen.. It is however sad.

As I chase these raptors, here is the first image I have captured. While sitting in wait I spotted this red tail as he rode the crosswind. I know this sounds cliché, but I cant help myself. I simply just enjoy watching these creatures as they do what they do.

I guess it’s simple things for a simple mind… I’m cool with that.

Red Tailed in Flight

Red Tailed in Flight





  1. Saw one of the neighborhood Red Tails take a squirrel in my back yard again this week Mike. Since last Spring Ihave witnessed this family of 4 hawks take at least 6 squirrels, even managed to get some pretty good pictures of 1 from 20 yards.

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