Ducks returning to the swamplands

Ducks returning to the swamplands

Ok, with a photography related title, I am going to touch on a subject, that is somewhat related to life as much as it is in photography. Frankly, I am sick of the words PHOTOGRAPHY, and PASSION. The later is thrown around like the word love and honestly, in my humble opinion,  I have one clear opinion on all this terminology.

Having a passion for something is wonderful, but not having the dedication to do whatever needs to be done to fulfill that passion is simply a desire. We are human beings, and we have a tendency to covet what we see, but all to often we lack the dedication and fail to put forth the effort to realize the success of these so-called passions. This all leads to regrets. Woulda, coulda, shouda, is not something that is in my vocabulary and when you give it your best shot, you can walk away from something knowing you gave it your best shot with no regrets. We often times blame problems or issues in our lives that keep us from moving on with endeavours, and in most cases it is the right choice, although no matter the choice, these problems will still exist. Long thoughts and soul-searching is a part of everyday life and some choices are easier than others. This is all so obvious, but we all can see the finished product and think Wow! I would like to be able to do that, but what we don’t see is what went into that finished product. That’s the distinction, between desire and passion. Those who truly have it, do whatever they need to do to make it happen. Even with all the effort, you must also be prepared to walk away with nothing, because that is what can and does happen. The beauty of this, we can learn from every adventure we have, and instead of calling something a mistake we can learn from it. If we do this, Was it really a mistake?


Do these words inspire? Unlikely, but if anything life has taught me one thing. Having a shot, at something you love is a rare thing. To say that it was not meant to be because of life’s problems is a subject that will lead to regrets down the road. I feel regret is one of the worse things a person can carry around with them. Grumpy, bitter old people are made in this way,and I figure I can be grumpy enough without the regrets. Live your life, with no regrets, and although very hard, realize that problems exist no matter the choice’s you make. Changing paths can lead to either more problems or they may just change the current ones you face… Is this selfish thinking, or is it thinking outside the box?. You be the judge . Either way, you will never know unless you take that shot.

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2 thoughts on “EXPSOURE

  1. A thought provoking post, but I agree with you. Live your life, with no regrets, Absolutely. And I like you distinction between passion and desire, because it does take a lot of effort to accommodate passion. Great post and a beautiful picture with it.

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