WILDLIFE. The Rarely seen Short-Eared Owl

In my previous post, I ranted a little about how I dislike the long winter. Belonging to a group on Facebook that share my feelings on this topic, I offered some input on how I combat this long grey and dingy season. In this case I was glad I followed my own advice.

Having a few large prints that needed frames, I took a trip to the town of Batavia, were I purchased some frames. Along the way I went to check out an area were it had been reported that we had some rare owls visiting. At first glance I saw nothing but brushy fields  and very little wildlife activity. Upon my return trip, that’s when the magic began. As I approached a fence post, I noticed my first sighting of a rarely seen Short-Eared Owl.

Studying the behavior, I felt quite confident that I would be able to approach these creatures, without disturbing them, as they seemed to be not very timid of human presence. Understanding my limitations, I began framing images.

Using a Canon 7d and a Sigma 500mm lens set in manual mode, I employed an aperture of 7.1 and an iso of 1600 to ensure shutter speeds of 1/2000 to 1/4000 of a second. In addition I also used the spot metering mode and the servo mode with a high-speed shutter setting. Using Lightroom for the edits, these are my final compositions.

Hope you enjoy:







I see You

I see You

Close up

Close up

My best,







5 thoughts on “WILDLIFE. The Rarely seen Short-Eared Owl

      • Thanks for your encouragement. A co-worker sees a bunch of them by a lake up north where he runs regularly. Once the weather is a tad more above freezing, I plan on going for a very, very long walk up there with my camera and my fingers crossed. 🙂

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