The Agony Of Defeat

Losing builds character right. Well that’s what we are supposed to believe anyways. As of late  and if you have been following, my recent focus has been on our hometown basketball teams.

Very proud to have been able to snap these recent photos and what is very disturbing to me, is the officiating I witnessed this year. Ok so this post is a rant, but I need to say it. I watched the officials call fouls that were not fouls, and refused to call fouls that were obvious. In short all I can say is, the only winners here were the officials…. and me.

I captured several shots and the refs just showed how they can affect the outcome of a game. Shame on them and I have the photos to prove how bad they were.

Posted today is a photo that sums up the game, and instead of describing it, I am going to show you.

I call this: THE COACH





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