Can You Tell it’s Basketball Season

The last several months, time has been spent watching my kids participate in our local schools basketball program. Going as a spectator, most of the time I did not take my camera, just so I could watch the game. My Daughter however gave me a bit of business for this and from that point forward, the camera was in tow. So accomplishing a few objectives here, I set out to nail some shots of the girls, and do some experiments using high ISO’s and editing techniques. Satisfied with my results, I created a new workflow, for the task of creating what is now being called the “Michael Sargent Method”. So far, I’m pleased, some pretty positive things have been coming from the workflow development. One commenter said the images reminded him of Norman Rockwell’s work. Great company as far as I am concerned,but I did not view them that way. Rockwell’s work was generally sketches, but mine are photos converted  to what is being called artistic prints, and the workflow development has been a long and somewhat frustrating task. Having it just about perfected, I’m pleased with the feedback,and caution on the side of continuous improvement before making a final process in the workflow method.

A recent final composition, was taken and developed simply because a mother was present at the game, and as she herself was trying to snap a few photos, and seeing the look of frustration on her face, I offered to make some adjustments to her camera, for better image quality. While doing so I allowed her to view the ones I captured, and she asked me if I would snap a few of her son. Doing so, I showed her the ones I captured, and made a new friend in the process. What came next was the MSP workflow. The images turned out better than I had hoped, and my social media page was full of new likes and  comments. Also cool from my standpoint. What’s next? Who knows, but I am filling requests for prints, and enjoying the highs of knowing that some very happy people are excited about what I produce next..

I call this print MUNGIE. A nickname for the player and titled rightly so…




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