Today I am going to go deeper into that rabbit hole and further share this concept of “The Artistic Side”.

Most of the time, my practice generally is based around weddings and or portraits, but as of late my time has been spent doing some landscape images and sports photos just for the fun of it. Admitting  it has been fun, and having another opportunity last night to take some shots, I set up the 7d to nail some action shots. Using a very high ISO 4000 and shutter speeds between 1/320 and 1/500 of a sec, I came up with some pretty good shots. I am going to tell you however that shooting at ISO speeds this high with the 7d you are going to encounter some noise in your shots. What you can do about it, is learn how to edit the images and reduce the noise. Yes it is a bunch of extra work in the editing process, but I think the images within this post are worth a few extra minutes of time considering.

Most of us are aware of the simple fact, that to have a great finish on any composition, you have to get it right within the camera and go from there. My goal with some of these shots was to create an artistic version of some of the originals. I think I accomplished that with these images. First up a total shocker. As the action moved towards my lens, I used a back button focus technique to track, and engaged the shutter. Having snapped several shots in just a few seconds, I was surprised, when I saw this. At the time I had no idea that this was captured. After review I am so glad it was. I am calling this Competitive Spirit.

Competetive Spirit

Competitive Spirit

Taken with a 7d and a Canon Lens, edited in Adobe Lightroom. I used the MSP HDR method to apply an artistic look to the image, and then used a sketching development workflow, that I have been working on for a few months to create this final composition. To close out here are a few more images, using the same process. Hope you enjoy.





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