Artistic Prints/ The Size of the Dog always Matters

If ya can’t beat em, Join them. That is the age-old saying right? Well I also like to refer to the old saying as well, it’s not the size of the dog that counts it’s the amount of fight within the dog. Myself, well I guess you could say for an old dog I still have some bite & fight left. No point to any of this, but I felt it relevant to things now a days. Here is what’s up. In recent weeks, it has been said that the level and quality of my images has doubled and even tripled in quality and composition. MSP has seen growth in leaps and bounds over the last two years, and based on emails and contact from outside entities I can’t be disappointed. I can however wonder where this all leads in an uncertain future. On the flip side of this thought, do we ever really know what the future holds. So why waste time worrying about it. Smile inserted here.

I recently have been exploring the art of artistic prints, and when I say artistic, I mean heavy photo manipulation. I take a shot, and make some copies. Then I edit the hell out of them and apply some creative touches. I suppose this is all part of the artistic development process. To put it simply, I have been having a little fun exploring my creative side beyond the normal aspect of photography. Some samples, and maybe I am wrong, but I felt that these proofs were good enough to offer up as art. They have been uploaded and are for sale in the MSP store… The question is will they perceived the same way by others who happen to view them? I don’t know, but the initial feedback has been cool.

The Images:





Cold Barn

Cold Barn





Looking for thought’s and opinions. I don’t and never considered myself an artist, but just a simple photographer. Should I continue to pursue is the real question here? This is more of a hobby than a passion, but never the less, it has been fun.

Images seen here can be found in store at.

Thanks for having a look.








4 thoughts on “Artistic Prints/ The Size of the Dog always Matters

  1. It’s always good to follow your instincts when you get drawn in a certain direction in the world of art…these are beautiful..keep on going 🙂

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