HDR Done Right or So I am Told

Last post, we visited the topic of bad editing or over editing. Today I want to discuss taking a series of pictures that maybe did not turn out as expected. The shot and topic today is a bracketed series of photos that were taken with the intent of creating a HDR composition. While setting up, I relied on my light meter to give me the suggested exposure time for a properly exposed initial image. My first mistake or so I thought. The images seemed to be a little dull and underexposed when I viewed them on the LCD. Deciding to keep the shots, I would revisit them after my edits were complete for my client.( Business first..Play later) Having a few minutes, I did in fact revisit these shots, and merged them to HDR. Although underexposed I played with the settings until I had the image adjusted to the point were it started to appeal to my eye. Once satisfied, I re-imported into Lightroom and finished the final touches. Having some thoughts on HDR compositions, I began to do a little research, and found that I could easy make some adjustments to my camera setup to enhance the original bracketed photos. In the future I will from time to time begin to display some of these images with the modified camera settings. As I do so I will share with you the modifications and the process I use to create my HDR Photography.

My final Shot:



Also in my next post, and this is purposely being placed here to see just how many are actually reading. Those that do, I know who you are and I thank you for your continued support, But I am going to share an image, taken by a very special young lady, whom I have a growing affection for her style of photography. Long admired for her work ethic and her commitment to photography, I have taken a special interest in an image she recently captured. Although I am no big name in this ever-expanding industry, I personally feel that this image is truly a work of art, and is so deserving of national publication. Now a few will ask, “Mike why would you promote someone who is in competition with you?” My answer to that is real simple. For me this picture taken stuff goes way beyond the money you can potentially earn. Learning techniques, and having a detailed understanding of just how a camera sees light is the key to creating a piece of art, that touches a person. When this is accomplished, it inspires  and creates a real understanding of what a pure photographer is all about. I have refered to this as feeling the bang and in may ways that is not a great description of how I feel about incredible photography. I do however take note of inspirational photography, and the image I will be sharing here on WordPress is a photo that I am inspired by. I feel many others will share my enthusiasm once we display it here.

Thank you for reading




3 thoughts on “HDR Done Right or So I am Told

  1. HDR when done right doesn’t have to be over done like most of the bad HDR on the net that gives it a bad name. Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing the images from your ‘protege’ perhaps?

    • Thank you. Just a note, this young lady is a very well established photographer. She shares my enthusiasm for photography and composition, but her talents working with portraits and people far surpass my own ability. My take on this image she captured is nothing short than exceptional. My hopes is to see it published .

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