One Stop Several Shots

Bald eagles. The symbol of America. Could they be anymore majestic?

With a January thaw in progress, I took a few minutes yesterday to simply stop at an overlook near my home, and was treated to a rare show. Several immature bald eagles were doing a little fishing as the mature raptors looked on. A great day for pictures indeed, and although my vantage point was almost a mile away from the activity, I was able to catch the following. _MG_0060 _MG_0070




All for now..



4 thoughts on “One Stop Several Shots

  1. I am new to photography and new to ‘birding’, but I enjoy both. Thanks for sharing. The bald eagles seem to be speaking directly to you – which is amazing. Thanks again

  2. Thank you Deborah.I try my best every time I snap a shot. Some day when I can afford that big 800mm super zoom, I will get up close and personal with these raptors. For now The 400mm will be my go to.

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