RE-DO….. Editing and Results

If you are a reader of my Humble Blog you will recognize the photo posted here today. The original photo was an HDR shot of a simple winter scene, and although I like the shot,I had felt that it was missing the detail in the HDR that I wanted to achieve. Taking a good hard look at this shot and making the decision to re edit was easy. I simply made adjustments to the detail and saturation settings to achieve these results. I reposted this shot on my face book page and WOW!!!To date this has been my all time active photo as far as likes and comments. Big thanks go out to my followers for taking the time to share and comment on the composition. This is the original shot after editing.

Creek Bed in HDR


The 2nd look edit. THOUGHTS

2nd Look edit

2nd Look edit

Some very light touches can be found when studied closely, but in all, the details and shadows that are present in this edit, made the difference between a nice shot, and what one friend called ” A Spectacular Shot”

Thanks for checking out the post, and if you are on FB please stop by and say hello. I am always looking to connect and network with other photo enthusiasts.You can find my page here. Thanks again.





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