Seasons Change

First off, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone and anyone who comes across my blog, A very safe a happy season. With Christmas upon us, I have been doing some thinking as of late, and the greatest gift I have been given this year is the interactions and comments I have received from all of you here on word press, as well as twitter, and Facebook. Simply and with humble thoughts, Thank you!

The photos I am posting today are revisits to locations I have shot in the past, but with the arrival of some snow here in Western New York, they almost look like a totally different location. In addition, my daughter accompanied me on this shoot, and being one who will take advantage of a photo opportunity, I put the portrait skills into play and turned a landscape shoot into a portrait session.

Winter Reflectiom

Winter Reflections

Shot with the 7d, and a Tamron 10 -24 wide-angle, I employed an f-stop of 22 at iso 22 for 1/45 of a second. In addition I also used the cameras partial metering mode as well as one shot settings. We were dealing with 28 degree temps and gusty winds, so a tripod was used to aid us in the avoidance of camera shake.

Next on out tour we visited the small waterfalls located near Lockport, New York. This area is located within a small nature trail and it has become a favorite subject of mine as of late.


Falls with the snow

Shot again with the 7d , I used the Tamron 18-270 this time and played with aperture settings. This image was taken at f-32 at 1/5 of a second. Due to the position of the sun I used the spot metering mode to ensure that the background would not completely blow out the shot. By far not my best shot of this scenic area, but I felt it would work for a general photograph.

My favorite shots of the day, were of my daughter, who as a rule does not like to be photographed, but I threatened to beat her up if she resisted.. ( I’m Joking People) I’m biased but, I am blessed to have been given children who are good-looking, just like their daddy… ( Once again, I’m Joking) Alright, I admit I am not that funny, but I am going to stick by the statement that my children are gifts from the Heavens, and I am blessed for these fortunes.

Please allow me to introduce my very photographic child Alexandria.



As she awaited my exit from the creek bed I snapped this shot as she watched a couple and their dog walk away from the falls.

I asked her to stand next to the tree and strike a pose as only she can do. This shot is one of my favorites of her.



lex bw

Free Spirit

And in the spirit of tradition during the editing stages, We decided to go with a black and white composition. My personal thoughts: Black and Whites are always a nice way to bring out a true reflection of what a person is feeling or thinking about. Without all the color and distractions, I feel that B&W’s are always a good choice when photographing people. It allows you to capture the true beauty of one’s spirit.

I want to thank my beautiful daughter for being my model today, and for tagging along and keeping me company. These moments are precious to me, and as the seasons change, I look forward to sharing some pretty spectacular winter landscape photos. Not to mention that according to my research, Jan of 2013 will be the best time of year for me to capture that long anticipated shot of the Milky way. Fingers crossed.

Once again to all, A happy, joyous holiday season and let’s make 2013 a year for photos.

My best,



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