Then I Saw the Shot

My inbox has been filled as of late with subjects asking, “What Inspires Me?” Well to honestly answer that question, I wound have to answer with a solid , I DON’T KNOW.

I just go out there and do what I do. I get a feeling or I see something and move forward. This shot,the same holds true. As I have driven by this location many times I noted something different about it. An opening in the reeds, a calm water surface, plus the light seemed just right. With the clouds in the sky I decided to do this photo in HDR and set up my tripod in preparation for the final shot. After the capture I used photomatix to merge the images and re imported into lightroom to put the final touches on this photo.

hdr reflective

hdr reflective

On a side note, I recently heard some locals talking about a rare swan that had been reported as spotted in the area right after Hurricane Sandy. A point these people made was that the swan had a red beak on it, and its origin was European. Granted I have not researched this topic but I am assuming that this capture is of this rare swan.



Red Billed Swan

Red Billed Swan

To refer back to the whole “What Inspires Me” thoughts, I guess I can say that I dont need inspiration, being content to just shoot the world as I see it is what is inspiring. Being the winter months, life can kind of be blah, but it does not have to be. If your willing to endure the cold weather, and continue to get out there, you never know what will develop in front of your lens.

All my best to each of you.

Happy Holidays



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