Has any one noticed my lack of posts over the past two weeks? I often times wonder if the writings that accompany the photos are read. As of late I have had to put pictures on the back burner and been forced to take a job with long hours and back breaking work. I’m not happy about it, neither is my legs, my hips and my back, but we must do , what we must do.

I was recently asked if business in photography would pick up if I lived in another area. I kind of think it would, but when you have to compete with people who shoot in full auto mode, that call themselves pro’s and have no credentials to justify that claim, this is to be expected. I’m ok with that though, because the age old tale is true. People think it’s expensive to hire a pro, wait till they hire an amuetuer. Then they find out why a pro charges the rates they do. 

I on the other hand give people a great rate. i’m just that guy, that can do things for a little less money, just because I am in it for the thrill of the shot. 

Well, I don’t have much more to say right now,, Well I do but, I refer back to my original thought. Does anybody read the written part of this blog, or is it all about photo’s.

Desperately seeking and wondering.



6 thoughts on “Noticed

  1. I read the words –sometimes faster than others, not all of it if it’s too long. But I read the words.

  2. Keep up the great work. Actually, I had noticed, but figured you’d been so busy with some of your projects. I hope you do become exceedingly busy and find the clients that appreciate your work. It is not just in your like of business that people try to cut corners. There are tough times for many, and they try to save pennies but in the end pay a high price. Some who know quality will find you and use your services.

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