Yesterday I put up a post, more like a rant, about how I feel regarding the state of things. Well to be blunt screw all that. I mentioned that my resolve has never been greater, and in addition, my goal would be to do what I love and see just what path would present itself. I am not one to sit around and years of having to get up early for work, has enabled an internal alarm clock, that has me up most mornings by 4am. So sucking down a cup of coffee is always the start of the day, and it is out the door. I used to complain about the early rises, but here is the benefit. I get to see sites like this,

Early am

Yeah, the picture is not my best, but other than the washed out moon, I enjoy being able to see and capture images like this. They are the reason and benefit I have come to enjoy the early rises, and in time I will start to employ more filters to eliminate wash outs like this moon has so often times given me. Shot with a Canon 7d and Tamrom lens, I used the spot metering mode and employed the incredibly high ISO of 6400. Shot at an aperture of f 22 for 30 seconds, I expected the moon to wash out my shot. I used light room to tone it down a bit, and reduce some of the noise present using such a high ISO, but the goal of this shot was to see just how sharp I could capture the tree as a silhouette. In short… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!!





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