The Good from the Bad/ Waterfalls

This past week has been a whirlwind. We have watched Hurricane Sandy wreak havoc across the East. Although we were not directly impacted in my neck of the woods, the indirect effects have been a tough pill to swallow. Our area has seen several days of rain and this abundant rainfall has brought my lively hood to a crawl at best. So with some extra time on my hands, I felt it was time for another MSP walkabout.

With camera and tripod in tow, I set foot on a new nature trail yet undiscovered by myself, and was fairly pleased by the sights that this rainy, cold, cloudy day had provided. I also used this time to evaluate a lens that I purchased over the summer. I mounted the Tamron 10-24mm wide angle lens to my 7d body and gave both a sound workout.

My Settings: ISO 100, spot and partial metering, f-stops between 18-22 with shutter speeds ranging from  1 to 7 seconds. In addition I also used the mirror lockup feature, and a 2 second delay on the shutter. These are the compositions, and as always Lightroom was used to make some minor adjustments in exposure, and cropping.



portrait view

The dominant tree

Over all I was pleased with the images, but I would have prefered a little more clarity in these photos. When using my Tamrom 10-24 I have some mixed feelings. I have seen some images that are sharp, deep and bursting with vibrance. These images are not bad, but I can clearly see a difference in the overall quality vs a L-series lens.

The fate of this lens is still undecided at this point. Knowing the proper camera settings, It always come down to the quality of your glass. I feel that the Tamron may not be the right piece of equipment for the images I am composing,  not to say that the lens is of lower quality, but it may not be the right lens for my compositions. The jury is still out on this one.

Some more great news: It was announced this week that a orginization I belong to The New York State Outdoor Writers Association has awarded me first place in the annual Janice M. Keesler Memorial Photographer contest for the category, Outdoor Scenic. The winning photo, can be seen at the top of this blog, and is titled The Grand Island Bridge. I also placed second in the wildlife category. I feel very honored to have placed, considering the competition I was up against.  Here is the full press release:

NYSOWA Press Release:

Niagara Falls, Niagara County, N.Y.—The New York State Outdoor Writers Association presented the winners of its annual writing and photography recognition program with carved duck decoy first-place awards and second and third-place certificates and cash awards at the annual banquet of the organization at the Four Points by Sheraton in Niagara Falls, N.Y on Saturday evening, Oct. 20.

The organization of 100 active members—professional communicators—and several dozen supporting members from the outdoor and travel industry—gathered in Niagara County Oct. 18-21 for its annual conference. The Excellence in Craft writing competition and Janice M. Keesler Memorial Photo Contest, co-sponsored by Ducks Unlimited, The Sportsman Channel and Redding Reloading Equipment, were judged by respected professionals of national repute from outside the organization.

“Our judges commented on the professionalism of the entries,” said Leon Archer, chair and administrator of the Excellence in Craft program. “Some even said they were honored to have participated.”

The photo competition was administered by Bridget Keesler, daughter of the namesake of the photo competition, who played a major role in initiating and administering the photo awards program in its earliest days. The Excellence in Craft writing recognition program was administered by Archer of Fulton, who was elected NYSOWA’s president at the conference.

First-place winners in the writing competition for articles published in 2011 were: Newspaper Feature—David Figura, Skaneateles, for “Tree-stand Texter,” in the Oct. 28 Post Standard; Magazine Feature—Angelo Peluso, Port Jefferson, for “Long Island’s Secret Steelhead,” in the June On The Water; Magazine Column—Leo Maloney, Sherrill, for “Adirondack Whitetails,” in Spring North American Whitetail; Newspaper Column—David Figura, Skaneateles, for “Lion Dung Keeps Bunnies at Bay,” in the July 15 Post Standard Oneida Daily Dispatch; and Online Publication—Angelo Peluso, for “Fishing and the Outdoors: Long Island’s backyard wildlife” in the Dec. 21

In the photo competition, first-place winners were: Hunting and Fishing—Angelo Peluso, Port Jefferson; Outdoor Scenic—Michael Sargent, Middleport; Outdoor Recreation—Leo Maloney, Sherrill; Published Photograph—Oak Duke, Wellsville; and Wildlife, Mike Lynch, Saranac Lake.

A complete list of first- to third-place finishers follows:
Excellence in Craft writing competition winners: Newspaper Feature–1. David Figura, “Tree-stand Texter,” Post-Standard — Oct. 28; 2. Mike Lynch, “Legendary Guide Jim Goodwin Dies at 101,” Adirondack Daily Enterprise – April 11; 3. David Figura “Nature’s ‘B’ Menu,” Post Standard – Sept. 16. Magazine Feature—1. Angelo Peluso, “Long Island’s Secret Steelhead,” On The Water – Oct.; 2. Angelo Peluso, “Arti-fish-ial Intelligence,” Tide – May-June; 3. Mike Kelly, “Are New York’s Famous Trout Streams as Good as Advertised?” New York Game and Fish – June. Newspaper Column: 1. David Figura, “Lion Dung Keeps Bunnies at Bay,” Post-Standard – July 15; 2. Angelo Peluso, “That’s One Tenacious Spider,” Times Beacon Record — Sept. 15; 3. Leon Archer, “My Old Friend,” Oswego County Weeklies – Oct. 14. Magazine Column: 1.Leo Maloney, “Adirondack Whitetails,” North American Whitetail – Spring; 2. Tom Schlichter, “There’s More to Being a Mate,” The Fisherman — June 23; 3. Fred Golofaro, “In the Heat of the Night,” The Fisherman – July 21;. Online Publication: 1. Angelo Peluso, “Fishing and the Outdoors: Long Island’s Backyard Wildlife” — Dec. 21; 2. Bill Hilts, Jr., “A Rendezvous with Shooting and History,” – Sept. 26; 3. Bill Hilts, Jr., “4-H Shooting Sports Program Takes Aim on Future,” – May 31.

Janice M. Keesler Memorial Photo Competition winners: Hunting and Fishing: 1. Angelo Peluso; 2. Bill Hollister, 3. Chris Kenyon. Outdoor Scenic: 1. Michael Sargent; 2. Mike Lynch; 3. Paul Schnell. Outdoor Recreation: 1. Leo Maloney; 2. Chris Kenyon; 3. Dan Ladd. Published: 1. Oak Duke; 2. Angelo Peluso; 3. Bill Hollister; Wildlife: 1. Mike Lynch; 2. Michael Sargent; 3. Angelo Peluso.
Well that pretty much sums it up for the week.
Until next post my best to you all.
Shoot 2 Thrill

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