Yesterday I posted a few preview shots of my Harley’s in HDR project. I was floored at how active the post was and how many people seemed to like it. I want to thank all of you who took the time to read my blurb. Yesterday was a day for record-breaking views on this word press site, and it is quite surreal to know that people are taking note of what I love to do. THANK YOU!!!

HDR is a discipline of photography that has to be considered on the artistic side of the craft. Having this opinion I figured that if I am going to do an artistic photograph, I want to photograph a piece of art, and what’s better than an American Classic. Over the years I have seen many Harley’s, and one constant with these motorcycles is the attention to detail that goes into the creation of these machines. They are as functional as they are artistic.

My Final Composition:

HDR Final Composition

Once again, I want to thank Brian and Charlene for allowing me to capture these images. You guys ROCK!!!!


C Ya Soon




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