One Step Closer, A Galactic Bridge

Everyone who has followed this blog knows that I have been on a quest. This past weekend put me one step closer to fulfilling my ultimate objective. Yes, we are talking about my Milky Way photography. Friday evening was almost perfect for night-time shooting, as the area I had traveled to does not suffer from light pollution. With that being the case, I am always impressed with the night skies in the Southern Tier region of New York State. The stars are so abundant one cant help but be memorised by the night skies.

My shots: First off, I used a 10 mm ultra wide-angle lens on this shoot. I also took into consideration that my canon 7d camera has an image sensor of 1.6 mm, and  by doing a little math, I knew that my effective focal length was 16 mm. Now employing the rule of 600, I knew that I would need to expose my image sensor for 40 seconds to capture the image without any star movement.

Galactic Bridge 30 second exposure

This shot employed an ISO of 3200 at 10 mm for 30 seconds.

My next shot saw the sensor exposed for an additional 10 seconds.

40 second exposure

Although these shots are better than my last, I still have a particular composition in mind. To date the milky way can be seen on any clear night directly overhead. I will need to wait until winter to achieve the angle I wish to shoot at. Also I am going to search out a location in which I will be at a higher elevation.

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6 thoughts on “One Step Closer, A Galactic Bridge

  1. Brilliance! Definitely your best starfield exposures so far.

    I too have a specific composition that I’m trying achieve. Two weeks ago was the best opportunity to view the Milky Way from my neck of the woods. My landscape shots didn’t come out anywhere as good as these. Last week, I made some much better starry sky landscapes but I know that I can push better detail yet.

    • This project will take some time to complete. I have two major obstacles in my path, one which is weather, and the other is time.
      With the approach of the storm we have seen cloud covered night skies, and when the skies are clear I am working on other projects. Could use a 27 hour day as a new standard. Pray that next year affords me some new found free time. MS

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