LOW/ Lying Exposure Meters

Squirrely had those big buck teeth, the claws and the fur, the whole woods was looking at her , she hit the forest floor next thing you squirrely got low low low low low low low low. A parody of T-Pains LOW.


In reality I spent a couple of days in the woods, and although my focus was to capture some images of whitetail’s, it just was not meant to be. So when life hands you lemons,,, TAKE PICTURES! I could not help myself being entertained by the antics of the small woodland creatures that were in abundance on this day. The weather was rainy and lighting was terrible, but I managed to snap a few shots. Hope you enjoy them.


With all the time I spend in the woods this time of year, I have never seen a squirrel  get this low on a fallen tree. I did note however that a bark from a chipmunk prompted this behavior. I suspect that one of the woodland raptors present, was responsible for this behavior. In the past I have seen hawks dive on squirrels and chipmunks. They do so very silently and these woodland creatures are easy pickings. With any luck before my time in the woods is over this year, I will capture this action taking place.


I shot these with my trusty 7d and used an  L series 100-400mm canon lens. With an aperture of 5.6 and a shutter speed of 125 of a second. To note, the cameras on board light meter indicated  that the image would have not been properly exposed . This has been a discussion as of late within the inner circle of MSP. I want to point out that these light meters on cameras are strictly a rough reference point. It is possible to catch a great image, although the light meter indicates your image will be underexposed. You just have to find the happy medium… Even though these images were supposed to be underexposed, they were captured with enough light to produce an image that works.

Using metering modes, and at times exposure compensation can produce images that are rich in color and detail. The drawback is at times the backgrounds may appear grainy. This can be ok in an image as long as the focal point or subject is sharp and in focus. We can put way to much emphasis on grain in photographs, as those of us who takes pictures are generally our own worse critics. I myself have taken pictures that I felt were not acceptable by my standards, but others find them to be stunning. I like to call this a personal strive for excellence and although some feel that an image is great, I have a composition in mind when I shoot and when that composition is not as I had envisioned it falls short of my personal expectations. It does not mean that the image is terrible. So share it and let others judge, but do not ever give up your strive for personal perfection. This is what an artist does, and by no means do I consider myself a great artist, I am a guy who is content to take pictures and hope that people enjoy them.

Thank you for reading and I hope that part of this post makes sense. Please let me know what you think, and expand on my thoughts regarding artistic views..

Until next post, My best!




One thought on “LOW/ Lying Exposure Meters

  1. I have just started reading your blog and visiting it on a regular basis – and what a gem! Your photographs are wonderful and the information you provide about them – – – excellent. Thanks for sharing the creative thoughts behind the photos. Makes for an interesting read.

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