Not much I can say about this. What I can say is how Apple changed my life as a photographer. Several years ago, and after becoming frustrated with a windows based computer, I invested in a power pc mac computer. After a brief learning curve, things almost started to come natural. I had begun to “THINK DIFFERENT”. With the introduction of software specific to photography and editing digital captures, I quickly learned how valuable as asset this mac had become. Several years later I still own my original Apple and have made several purchases of newer macs. They are an investment and not for everyone, but I can say that after years of use, and several products made by apple in use by myself, I have no regrets. As I type this on my windows based laptop, I want to say thanks to Steve Jobs and Apple computer. You have played a huge part in my success. Steve your vision will be missed and my hopes is for your vision to live on within Apple computer.

Although I use both now to complete my work as a photographer, I know my bias will favor Apple.

Photos Soon.



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