Cloudy Skies Continue/More Hold Over

Hey mama nature! You are really putting my patience to the test. With cloudy skies ever-present, once again my ambition for the celestial photo is on indefinite hold. With a long over due road trip in process, I spent the day at a place very close to my heart. GilHaven! During the fall of the year, I get to spend time with family members as we share our common love of the outdoors, and the harvest of some tasty venison. The experience of Gilhaven is cherished and my biggest regret is not being able to spend more time within the confines of what I consider this superman’s fortress of solitude. So in summary, I will cherish the time I am able to spend there, and todays shots are just a small sample of the sights of this magical place.


This first shot, I am calling The Grapes of Wrath… Why?  I just like the sound of that title. Also for some reason I had a difficult time capturing this image. The light was not in my favor as what little sun that was available casted some harsh shadows during composition. We waited for just the right cloud cover before snapping.

Soaked MIlk Pod

Next we have a milk pod that has burst through its confines, only to be saturated by the previous evenings rain fall. I often used these little floaters to check for wind direction during the hunting season.

Pretty Chilly Flower

For the most part, flowers like this have succumb to the chills of our fall season, but for some reason this flower seems to be holding on. I felt its presence odd and opted for the capture because it shows the resiliency of nature.

End of the season

Unsure of what this is called, I snapped this shot, simple because I found it interesting. I like the slight arch in the leaves that exist on the base of the wildflower. Additionally I also found the points of the flower to add a sharp contrast to the composition.


On the other side of the lane, I found this bud which is similar to the above but, the color of the flower was more towards purple. What can I say other than I have a draw to purple.


Having made my way to the creek bed, I opted to do a little slow exposure photography. Using the settings of ISO 100 and an aperture of 22, I was able to slow my exposure down to 2 seconds. The goal was to make the water appear to be moving within the composition. Using a tripod and getting right into the water, I was able to achieve the appearance of motion in this shot. And yes, I did get soaked as I laid on the ground.

As always I exercised my HDR skill and opted to compose this shot.


There is something to be said about HDR’s and although I am still uncertain how this shot fits into my likeness scale, I found the contrasts stunning.

My last shot is a redo of a constant within the creek bed. It is an HDR version of what I refer to as the stone that goes unturned.


When last visited, I shot this pic with a Canon xsi camera and my Tamron 18 to 270 lens. Using my 7d and the same lens, I took advantage of the zone focus feature and composed this HDR. Although it is simply a rock in the water, I enjoy the reflection that is ever-present, when the creek is low and small pools of water remain still. This allowed me to capture the HDR version of the stone that goes unturned.

All images were captured with a 7d and or the Canon 100 to 400 L series, Tamron 18 to 270.

Iso’s ranges between 100 and 400 and apertures between 5.6 and f 22. Shot in manual mode shutter speeds varied from 2 seconds to 1/500. Edited with Light room and HDR’s created with Photomatics Lr plugin.

Hope you enjoy, and very soon we will be sharing images of The Whitetail Deer along with various other wildlife species. Until the skies clear, these photos will pass the time until I nail that shot of the Milky way.

My best,


M.Sargent Photogaphy


5 thoughts on “Cloudy Skies Continue/More Hold Over

  1. excellent shots, and the details of how you captured them are entertaining, especially knowing that you climbed into the creekbed! Sounds like you’re biding your time and we’re benefiting 🙂

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