As of late my obsession has been the Milky way. As luck would have it, Mother Nature has not been kind to me. We have experienced cloudy skies and the weekends have been rain filled, which is a huge change when compared to our very hot and dry summer. No complaints though, we in fact need the rain, and it almost seems that this delay is happening for a reason. I am simply going to chalk it up to fate. This shot my friends is going to happen and the guiding hand of fate will determine when. In the meantime however I will have to put my obsession on hold and return to just simply shooting..

This post is just simply a placeholder of sorts, and as I type, my thought are dwelling on another site that I have considered shooting. I think it may be time for a slow exposure involving some water and some rocks. Check back later I may have a photo up as well as how I captured it. 

One last thing, Our store is now on-line and images are slowly being added. Our first priority was our clients. We have uploaded our wedding photos and have offered these shots to friends and family’s of our clients at cost. Simply put, Our feeling on providing shots to friends and families was an option that needed to be made available. Everyone likes to have choices. More to come!



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