A Corvette, A Lighthouse, and a Camera. HDR in the Making


While doing some senior portraits over the weekend, we took a little time out, and shot some images of an American classic. What can be said about the Corvette? Anyone who knows this cars history will agree that this is a finer piece of American engineering and it’s place in automotive history is secure.

I asked the owner if he would park it in front of the lighthouse, and while seeking out the right spot for the shot, I decided that this would be a great time for a HDR photograph. I shot this during some harsh lighting conditions but it added some deep rich contrast especially in the lower exposed compositions. Once combined to create the HDR, I did some cropping in Lightroom as well as some minor exposure adjustments. What’s really cool about the entire shot is, when I posted the shot to the M.Sargent Photography Facebook page, I shard it with the owner on his page, and he made this shot his new cover photo. In my opinion, when some one does that, it really is the ultimate compliment. They think enough of your shot to use it as a representation of themselves, and that is a conscious decision. What’s not to love about that. I want to say thank you to my friend Jake and his daughter Ciara for allowing me to spend a little time in their busy lives, and placing their trust in my photography, to capture images that represent who they are.

The Shot: Canon 7d Tamron 10-24mm wide-angle lens. ISO 400 at f-10, 1/800 sec.

Corvette and Lighthouse in HDR


One more bit of news from the MSP camp. My Buddy John at Torquil Studios has recently done some editing on the intro video found on the MSP website. The edit can be seen here on YOU Tube and will be uploaded to www.mrsargent.com very soon. Until my next post I hope you find your lives full of happiness, and as always I look forward to reading your thoughts on the HDR.




Feel the Bang


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