Hi all, Today finds me in an exceptionally great mood. Whenever I can accomplish goals on my task list it seems to put me right in that happy place. SO please excuse my quirkyness for this post if possible, but today I just feel damn good.

Last eve my camera and I, as well as my brother Mr. Jim could be found at the farm of Linda Fullers. Linda is a very accomplished owner of her own stables, where she teaches many students the finer points of riding horses. Her dedication to her students is overwhelming and I have a great deal of respect for her work ethic. Although I have known Linda for many years now she still amazes me every time I witness her at work, but last eve we were present to take some shots for a long time friend of Mr. Jim and soon to be friend of myself as well. Heather and her Daughter both experience and benefit and enjoy the lessons they receive from Linda and based on what we captured last eve, we have the pictures to prove it.

First up some shots. My angle for these was flat on my belly and low to the ground. Using a 7d and Tamron lens combo , I employed an ISO of 400 at f5.6 and my shutter speed was between 1/500th and 1/1000th. Taking these shots during some harsh lighting conditions was a challenge and although some of the shots had some unwanted shadows, I was able to make some slight adjustments using Lightroom during my final editing, and I was very pleased with the results.

HDR young lady controlling all that power


Majestic Horse and Heather


Cooling Down B&W HDR


Like Mother Like Daughter


The  next couple of shots are just the sights from the farm and subject I found interesting during our eve. The first shot I almost ended before it began, as my big old foot almost stepped on this guy as he landed right before I stepped. For the record, No insects were squished during the making of this post.

Close to a timely end



And finally I could not finish this post without paying tribute to mans best friend and any farms most loyal and dedicated worker. The Dog, Tom.

Man’s best friend


Although Tom was taking a little break, he had his keen eyes on everything, and was ready to go at any sign of need.

Hoped you enjoyed the post and the photos. Until next time…..



M.Sargent Photography








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