Now, This is Something You don’t See Everyday (Hemaris thysbe)

After a conversation and completion of a project, with my buddy John From Torquil Studio, he mentioned to me that he had the coolest little bee buzzing around his butterfly bush. His words described this as a bee that looks like a hummingbird. I immediately  knew what he was referring too and I went on a mission. I asked John if it would be possible to come down after work one evening and see if we could capture any of these on camera? He responded with an enthusiastic yes and we were off to the races.

As John and I exchanged pleasantries and proceeded to enjoy some pops, we spotted a visitor to his bush and went in for the shot. surprisingly They had no fear of us and allowed us to get close for the photos you will see in this post.

Some information on the Hemaris thysbe can be found here on this provided link, but we have discovered that these are actually moths. Now it is debatable to the origin of this species, but I for one enjoyed their antics as well as ours. Capturing these images with a 7d and a 50 mm lens. I used an iso of 800 and a shutter speed of 1/4000 to 1/8000 of a second, and did some light editing in Lightroom.

Hope you enjoyed and look forward to your comments.


handfeeding 2

Feeding on butterfly bush

Preparing for a close up

getting closer

and closer

The Money shot

Flower among us

Pond visitor

The other side of the pond


Feel The BANG!!!!!

















2 thoughts on “Now, This is Something You don’t See Everyday (Hemaris thysbe)

  1. wonderful shots! they visit my garden and that’s exactly how I describe them: a bee that looks like a hummingbird only smaller! delightful pics 🙂

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