Going Artistic

It was once said that if an artist puts his heart into his passions he will create a true master piece. Well I don’t know about all of that, but I do know that from my perspective, I put a lot of heart into my photography projects and with the wedding season over for me, I am looking to take on other photography projects.

Lately, and on a personal level I have asked several questions regarding my next step in this field, and to date have not come up with too many answers. I do however know that I will be taking my shooting style in a slightly different direction.  It’s time to open the artistic flood gates and join the world of what is visually pleasing to the viewer’s eye. If you look around the web, you will see that any one who owns a camera is a professional photographer, and these days who doesn’t. It does however seem that the photographers who rise to the top, and become heavily sought after, are the ones who expose only their finest artistic shots. These days I have noted a shift in the business. At one time, people hired a photographer  to create images that had an artistic flair,based on the photographers shooting style. This seems to be a fading trend as most want to have images captured on the fly in almost a photo-journalistic manner. Either way and based on the choices of the clients it’s nice to know that either method is achievable through my lens.

Thus we come to this weeks posted images. This first shot was captured using a 7d and the award-winning Tamrom 18-270 lens. I like to call this peaceful childhood. Your feedback and thoughts on this image would be greatly sought after. My personal take on the image is children just do. They learn through observation and it makes you wonder what this little one was thinking, and what she was looking at .


My decision for black and white, was to enhance the classic style of photograph and to show some detailed contrast within the image. Shot with an iso of 400 an aperture of f8 was used at 1/500 of a second.

The following images were a long-standing project that took some time to actually shoot. I have been waiting for the perfect light and last night that light was cast upon my subject.


With HDR photos a topic in recent weeks I opted to shoot a few bracketed photos and give the HDR plugin a whirl. Overall I was pleased with the images and the experts have called it correct when they say, HDR gives a photo an almost unreal effect.


Seemingly this next shot I really turned up the brackets, and took 9 photos to create this one shot. Once again you can say that HDR gives images a whole new look and at this point I am unsure of how well I like the hard contrasts between the exposures. Your thoughts on this will be appreciated.

As light faded, I proceeded to go to the long exposure settings and started snapping random shots, that I found just interesting.

Jet skier@ sunset

30 sec exposure of light house

one minute exposure

two-minute exposure





corn field silo                                                     



Milky way

as a car went by in the last 15 seconds of exposure    




















My last two images are of the elusive Milky Way. This shot has been a bucket list shot and although not the composition I was seeking, It was exposed well enough for me to grab these images.  When I left the lighthouse I noted that I could make out the cluster,but with the lights from the park I felt that they would hinder chances of capturing the image. I parked on a side road and set the tripod up. It was dark but as you can by the light on the lower part of the photo the location was not remote enough as a car drove by in the last 10 seconds of exposure. This ruined the shot, but I will take what I have learned and when the day arrives, and I shoot this image again, It will be a composition rather than a photograph. Until next post, I hope to receive your thoughts on some of the artistic shots. My best to you all, and may your lives be filled with beautiful sights.

Shoot the light


M.Sargent Photography





7 thoughts on “Going Artistic

  1. HDR is visually interesting, and the sharp contrast is what catches my attention. I like that your photos are not over done like many I have seen. They still have a look of reality while showing off the technique.

  2. I simply want to say I am just new to blogging and actually liked this web blog. Almost certainly I’m likely to bookmark your website . You surely come with great articles and reviews. Many thanks for sharing with us your website.

  3. That top Milky Way shot is definitely the most improved from the older one I looked at yesterday. Appart from being more crisp, you’ve definitely absorbed pretty good colour from the stars in just 10 seconds. What were your ISO and aperature settings?

    In June I tried for stary landscape approximately 20km (12.5mi) outside of town but there was too much smog. Nothing was a keeper. Fall is coming and higher pressure weather systems will be more abundant, it will be my chance tp try again.

    • As a rule, I start with an ISO of 400 and shoot apertures between 8-11 . Then again it always depends on the focal length of the lens I use… For these star shots I am using an 10-24 wide angle. When I get it right, I will open the aperture, 3.5 and may use an iso of 800. Once I figure out the the exposure time I can use the 600 rule to avoid any star tilt….. SOrry for the quick ramble….. Shooting at the moment, and doing the social media thing.

  4. With any kind of luck, this weekend maybe that magic moment. I plan on a trip to thee southern tier of New york Friday eve. If he skies are clear, I should be able to nail this shot…. WISH ME LUCK!!!!!

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