A Walk A Bout

One great thing about photography, no matter where you are or what you are doing, you can always find something to photograph.

Today, I decided to go on a bit of a Walk-A-Bout and as always I had my trusty sidekick around my neck. The place, Kanyoo Nature trail, and with a threat of rain in the air, I decided it would certainly make for an interesting day if the clouds let loose and soaked me. With luck being on my side, I missed the rain and ended up getting some pretty cool shots on my adventure.

With a cloudy day and a woodland environment, I bumped my ISO up to over 2500 to ensure shutter speeds would be quick enough to achieve the results I wanted today. My aperture was consistent at 5.6 and I used a shutter speeds between 1/500 and 1/8000 of a second. Manual mode was also in place and a quick flip of the control dial was all that was needed to gain proper exposure.

Upon my entrance into the canopy, I was greeted right away by this female Downy Woodpecker. As she posed for me I enjoyed her antics as I continued to make my way along the trail.

Downy Woodpecker

Shortly after I spotted this spider web and thought it would make an interesting photo as the lines contained small water droplets.

Spider web, with Water droplets

My next shot came shortly after and as before I simply thought it was interesting. In the middle of grass, I found, you guessed it grass. But this blade had some water droplets across it and I thought it made for a great contrast photo.

A wet blade

Spotting this lonely leaf on the trail my thoughts went to here I sit all alone and soaking wet. The stones and other debris along the trail made for a photo that I thought was just different. It contains no real point of interest no does it generates any kind of emotion. I snapped it because I liked it. Sometimes that is the only reason you need to shoot a picture.

This next shot, Is my favorite of the day. When I made my way out of one section of the trail into an opening, these wildflowers were present. My decision to snap these was simply due to my interest in contrasting colors. The light lavender color looked interesting on the green background, and attempting to keep a sharp focal point on the small extensions of the flower, I think I achieved my plane of focus with this shot.


My next capture is yet again of plant life with water droplets. For some reason, this seemed to be the theme of the day, and I would assume it was due to the presence of rain.

Leave and water droplets

My last shot for this post today contains a subject that I have been trying to get close to all summer. I refer to this bird as a snow crane but I am sure there is a more prefered name for this beautiful bird.  I have found that while trying to get close enough to this species, they are extremely skittish. They will fly off very quickly if they spot your approach. For me to achieve the results I am looking for I will have to set up in a ground blind or before light in a Ghille suit and hope that one will land close to my setup location.

Snow Crane

With several captures today, It just goes to show you, that a photographic moment is always present, you just have to see things through your eyes a little differently.  Whether it is an event or a simple walkabout keep that camera shutter banging. You never know what you’ll capture.

My best to you all.


M.Sargent Photography




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