Composing the Shot/Nominated

2012 once again has proven itself to be a great year for MSP. The most recent highlight is the nomination of a blogging award. The “ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD” honor has been given to this blog by Otto Von Munchow. Mr. Munchow is a highly respected blogger and photographer who’s based in Bergen,Norway as well as Seattle, Washington. Our common passions for photography has brought us together and I am honored and at a loss for words regarding his nomination. I will simply say “THANK YOU”. Being fairly new to the blogging world, I realize daily that I have so much to learn, about awards and how to nominate blogs for awards. With that being said, Please check out Otto’s blog here on WordPress. His writing’s and photo’s are always interesting and I would suggest that you follow his work.

I am also doing a little follow-up of my last post where I checked out Capture One. Please take a look at my short video as an introduction and return here to see the whole story of how I took these shots.

During this project we used both Lightroom and Capture one to edit these photos, and composed the video with Pro show Producer.

The setup:

My Canon 7d with the 50 mm f1.8 lens. I used this lens because of the Macro capabilities and the abilities to create a very shallow depth of field. At first I also employed the mirror lockup function but quickly disabled that function because I found it to be not applicable to the shooting situation. I switched between spot metering and partial metering, as well as spot focus and spot expansion while experimenting with various aperture settings. I decided on an aperture of  4 in aperture mode and let the camera handle the shutter speed. The shutter varied as did the light and it worked in the range of 1/8000 of a sec to 1/3200.  As evident by the video, I also mounted the camera on a tripod as my son filmed the video.  We also used a plug-in for Lightroom called Photomatix to create our one HDR photograph. With so much buzz in recent weeks regarding HDR and in particular, a now rival photographer from a nearby town, I decided to do the HDR shot, just to prove a point regarding my take on shooting the photo correctly within the camera, and doing some very light editing with mentioned editing software. The point being, go back to school and learn how to take a picture. Your comments regarding people’s personal appearances are not meant for this show and your extensive use of photoshop to create a decent photo is not how it’s done in the real world. In summary, just because you own a camera does not make you a professional photographer, it make you a camera owner. BIG DIFFERENCE.

Ok on to the photos. This first series of photos, Capture One was used to edit and export, and once again I was very impressed with the options available in the export mode. Huge raw files are compressed from mb to kb with little loss of image quality. So far this has been a huge plus with Capture one.

This next series of shots I used Adobe Lightroom, and I feel compelled to mention again that the image size is much larger in comparison to that of Capture One.  The first shot is my HDR. Using Lightroom and a plugin made this simple, but I think that the developers of both programs should really make this a feature within the software itself. I mean really, these programs are quickly becoming the standard for photo editing, and with all the buzz about HDR, I think it would be advantageous for both companies to offer this as a native feature directly within the programs. Hows that for constructive feedback??

HDR photo using Lightroom with Photomatix plugin

sunflower edit/ w LR

close up “WEED”

Bracketed photo used in HDR

Sunflower with visitor

Bright Sunny Day

With a series of shots here for you to take a look at, my best assumption, and suggestion regarding choices for editing software is to simply, Judge for yourself. Both versions of these great programs are available in fully functional trail versions from their respective websites, and are available in both Mac and PC platforms.

In summary, this year has been full of ups and downs. I can say with all certainty, that despite the bumps in the road, my resolve continues to be inspired by the happenings generated by my practice with photography.  Yeah, I feel pretty good about what we are doing in MSP world and with solid plans in place I look forward to what the future holds.

Soon I will be sharing with you a two-year in the works project that we affectionately call SHOOT2THRILL. I can tell you that it is a combination of passions, and I will be bringing you some incredible people from the outdoor world and showing you the real deals within that industry.

We will save this story for a future post.

With my very best to you all,

Shoot the light, and feel the bang.


M.Sargent Photography

and the entire MSP TEAM.



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