Back to where the WILD THINGS are

As promised, I am getting back to the wildlife photography, and it has been long-awaited.

We have had an incredible wedding season and continue to receive a tremendous amount of feedback regarding the photos that have been captured by the MSP team.

Today however I am going to share with you a photo containing one of favorite subjects to photograph. Hummingbirds. These speedy little subjects can be difficult to photograph and is often times the case, you will have to wait until they stop or proceed to feed to be able to get a great image of them. Although I am going to try to get one while in flight, the conditions have to be ideal to do so.

Male Ruby Throated Hummingbird

While sitting on my back deck, I waited for the birds to start feeding and as this one approached the feeder, he spotted me and decided that he would go the route of the natural nectar that we have an abundance of growing in our yard. A hummingbird magnet to say the least.

Being able to spot his movement I watched as he flew towards these flowers and when the opportunity presented itself I banged on the shutter button. After some light editing in Lightroom, I was happy with the results my 7d and the new 100 to 400 l series lens had provided. I utilized a shutter speed of 1/1600th of a sec and employed the full zoom capabilities of the lens. I also made the decision to start shooting with an iso of 800. With advancements in technology 800 is the new 400 and I would suspect that I could bump that number up a little to achieve an even faster shutter in low light situations.

My next shot is of course a female who decided to take a brief rest and sip on the nectar. As she proceeded to feed she had taken notice of me and kept an eye on me in-between her quick sips.

Female at the feeder

This shot also utilized an iso of 800 and my shutter speed was 1/3200th of a sec and 400mm was my focal length. The crisp detail was once again due to the l- series lens and I have to state that despite what others may say, there is an incredible difference with L series lenses. Not only in sharpness but the function and capabilities this lens offers is unsurpassed. Having done some experimentation with this new lens, I look forward to sharing the images I soon will be capturing with it, and I suspect it will quickly become my new favorite.

Hummingbirds are a great target to photograph for several reasons, but my main goal when doing so is to hone my reflexes so I can be ready in the blink of an eye. Sometimes you have a fraction of a second to capture a shot, and these targets will sharpen your reflexes so you can be able to anticipate and react in a quick photo opportunity situation.

Soon you can expect to see more photos of deer, turkey, and possibly bear, as I make plans to get back out in the filed and go where the wild things are.

My best to you all,



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