Ok real simple,

I have been busting my butt as of late doing what I do best, and that is capturing the memories of newly weds on what is the most important day in one’s life. Marriage is a big step and it takes a huge commitment on all who is involved and that includes the guy who is snapping the shutter and creating the wow moments.

Let me ask all of you this, when you are working how do you approach your style of photography? Is it about you and the images you capture or is it about capturing the memories and events that will bring back memories when these photos you take are viewed years from now?  I think most of you will agree that it is not about you when shooting a wedding. Of course you want to shoot your own style but you have to integrate your style to achieve the goal of capturing these memories for your clients. They have put  a trust into you to do just that.

Recently, after a shoot I as always provided my clients with some preview photos using social media, so they could see what I had captured. As always the feedback was incredible, except for one comment that I simply found course and classless.

The comment has to do with the whole beautiful people ideology. In case you don’t know what this, let me break it down for you. Some photographers feel that for a photo to be good it has to be a visually pleasing shot of some one who is considered beautiful or of something really disturbing.  Why is it that some photographers who shoot weddings feel that a person who is homely is not worth photographing?  My only answer to this question is best answered by saying that they must feel that the shot is all about them.( THE PHOTOGRAPHER)  The comment was, My God Mike, why would you shoot that photo, you can’t fix ugly. My reply to this comment was , Hey Wal-Mart Boy, wedding photography is not about you. These people put there trust in you to capture their event as it happens, and if they choose to have someone in their wedding party that you personally feel is not attractive than as an employee of the client you are obligated to photograph that person as well as the rest of the events and people in attendance. In short it is not about you it is about your clients and the trust they put into you. In a way it burns me to think that some people who call themselves photographers think like this. I suppose it shouldn’t bother me as the commenter is also someone who likes to copy everything I do. They say that imitation is a very sincere form of flattery, and in most cases I would agree, but when you see a photo taken in the exact same location you yourself recently shot, and the photo this person took is lacking in all the basics of good photography, I simply say wait, you comment on a photo of mine, but you try to copy what I have done and you post that piece of crap for the world to see and then you want to affiliate yourself with my brand. That my friend takes a lot of nerve.

It seems as I continue to grow my practice and interact with new and past clients, I have to accept the fact that people will copy and try to duplicate the things I try to do as a photographer and in most cases I am cool with that. I will even go as far as helping those who ask how I did that, but on the same note, should I be willing to help some one who turned their back on the MSP brand, and has decided to go out on their own and compete for business? Often times I do because my goal here is to share what I know. But when you throw salt into a would, it burns, and when it leaves an impression on you, then you have to make that call. My goal when starting this blog was to show you the photo and explain to you how I shot it. It would seem however that my instinct to help others is not the best choice when competing for business. People are just like big business, they take everything you have and then they leave you in the hopes of competing with you. MSP is a brand, and my team has busted their butts. I am very proud of the choices I have made with my practice in photography, and you have my word, When you ask MSP to photograph your event, It will be all about you and not about MSP. I am committed to ensuring that you are my focus and those that you choose to have participate in your event will be captured  because these are your memories and it is all about your day, and the trust you have put into the MSP team to capture it.

With my major commitments being completed for the year, MSP will tie up a few loose ends and I will get back to doing what I love the most. Engaging in the practice of my passion and that is simply photography, the MSP  way. I cant wait to show you all the photos of my visions and hope you continue to enjoy my words about these scenes.

Next week we get back to the art of photography….

My best to you all.


M.Sargent Photography

The Team



  1. I get right mad when I hear someone try to argue that the wedding pictures that I use to promote myslef are of large brides not skinny ones. It doesn’t happen often but once in a blue moon someone makes a criticism like that, and I’m left believing that such sentiments are more prevalent than what is outright expressed.

    Most of the brides that have hired me are “big girls” and gorgeous. I am quite proud to show them off, and promote my wedding photography with them in it. I’ll never opt to show stereotypical slim brides over a plus-sized bride. Never.

  2. What upset me most about the entire comment was the person who said it. This person has aspirations of becoming a professional photographer.At that moment it became clear to me that he has no pure love for the art form that we practice. His only goal is to try and make money, and although it’s nice to have the benefits of earning a living with this craft, the real photographers do it for the love of capturing a memory. This is the difference between the Walmart photographers and those who have studied a discipline in photography. Glad to see the comment and know some body out there feels the same way I do about photography.

  3. I Love your photos and blogs Mike. You are doing a Great job!! I too love photography and love taking pics. And you are right…the picture isnt about the photographer, its about the photo you want to capture and the memories it leaves behind. What about the photos of past history and people from your family tree that maybe you have never met….does it really matter what they actually wore or what they look like or where they took the pic??? No..cuz for those of us who appreciate the photo and history its a blessing. I, as many before me, may have never met family from the past as in grandparents cuz maybe they passed before you were born, so to me, I cherish the photos of them and am in awe of what they were like. Whats even better to see, in the photos, is what they wore back in the day… and to most now a days, they make fun of the clothing and maybe hairstyles…who knows..but its wrong to do that. They made history for us along the way and they hold a special place in my heart because its a part of my life Ive never experienced. And what about the places we lived in or past locations we have never been able to enjoy..well pictures express a thousand words and can even bring sorrow, pain, love & laughter to our hearts…and Why? Because the awesome photographer who captured the photos long ago loved his/her job and wanted to bring out the reality of the photo and capture that special moment in time. I say Bless our Photographers for the warmth and caring and work they put into photos for us! I admire you for your work and for who you are Mike and I am proud to know you personally. A man after my own heart. If it werent for photographers this world would be lost in space cuz without photos of whatever in life we have seen, there would be a GIANT VOID!! Pictures are used for sooo many purposes in life…for school, special events like weddings, and how about your childs first smile or first day of school or their costume for halloween??!! How else can we actually capture these moments without photos???? I say ignore the negative fools who cant comprehend the true meaning of photography and someone should take their photos away so they have none and see what a void it puts in their life without them and then maybe they will learn a little respect for what you do for them. Keep your spirits high Mike and the Best Of Luck Always with your photography!! Its Wonderful!!!!

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